Personal Profile

What is a Personal profile?
Your Knomee Personal Profile can be as detailed or as brief as you want. It can also be used as your online resume (CV). You can include a personal description, skills and strengths, personal interests, employment history, educational details and more.

How many Knomee Personal accounts can I have?
You may only have one Personal account. Knomee allows for one unique user account per email address only.

Can contact details be shared?
Yes! You can share your contact details through the Knomee message system, through listings and through your profile. We strongly encourage all Knomee members to take necessary steps to protect your privacy at all times.

Business Profile

What is a Business Profile?
This is your Business resume and can be as detailed or as blank as you want. Your Knomee business profile can be used to further promote the services and credibility of your business and the services you offer. You can invite customers to endorse your services and credibility by trusting and endorsing your Knomee business profile for others to view. Why not advertise your Knomee business profile on business cards and promotional material for others to view your endorsements.

How many Knomee business accounts can I have?
You may have only one business or group profile account per unique email address.

What are the benefits of a business profile?
There are many benefits to name just a few: Exposure via integration with social media; an affordable platform for marketing and sales; cost-effective price points on listings and a negotiating platform with potential customers; you can understand and see the reputation profile of your customers and vice versa they can see yours; and there is the ability to follow profiles or category types.

Unique User-name

What is a unique user-name?
Every Knomee member registers with a unique user-name. No other Knomee member can have your username. With your user-name comes your own personal URL that reads www.knomee.co.nz/p/username e.g. www.knomee.co.nz/p/daniel

Odd Jobs

How many pictures can I upload?
You can upload up to 4 pictures for every listing.

What can I list?
You can list any odd job that is appropriate and legal. Jobs may range from small jobs like mowing lawns, babysitting or cleaning a car to large jobs like house renovations etc. You cannot list R rated jobs or jobs that are considered inappropriate or illegal. Please refer to Knomee Terms and Conditions for more information on what can and cannot be listed.

What do I do once I have listed a job?
Other Knomee members will make offers on your job. You will be emailed when offers on your listings are made. You can accept or decline any offers within your Knomee admin area.

Product Sales

How many pictures can I upload?
You can upload up to 4 pictures for every posting you list.

What can I list?
You can list any product that can be legally sold in NZ. Product may range from something as small as Stamps and Stationary to items as big as Cars and Houses. Please refer to Knomee Terms and Conditions for more information on what can and cannot be listed.

Service Coupons

How many pictures can I upload?
You can upload up to 4 pictures for every posting you list.

What is a Service Coupon?
Service Coupons are coupons for services supplied by an individual or business. For example, a hair salon might list a coupon for a cut and style. A tertiary graphic student might list a coupon for a business logo or set hours of graphic design work.

How do I redeem a coupon?
Once an offer is accepted, the Service Coupon will be emailed as an attachment with the agreed and accepted price offer. The Service Coupon is then presented to be redeemed at the time of service and payment should be made once the service has been redeemed. The payment terms of a Service Coupon may vary subject to the terms and conditions of the business or individual listing the Service Coupon. Conditions may apply to the Service Coupon as stated in the listing e.g. expiry date, payment terms, and date for redemption etc…

What conditions can I specify in my Service Coupon?
You can specify any condition that is lawful and that does not breach Knomee’s Terms and Conditions (hyperlinked)

How many coupons can I give out per listing?
Once a Service Coupon offer has been accepted it is automatically removed from the Knomee marketplace and held in your Knomee admin area for relisting. You can then relist your Service Coupon for another sale.

Is there commission charged on Service Coupons?
There is no commission charged on Service Coupons or any other sale made through Knomee.

Making an Offer

How do I make an offer?
While viewing the listing you are interested in simply type in your offer and click the green SEND OFFER button. The seller will then accept or decline your offer. Alternatively you can click the BUY NOW button to purchase the odd job, product or service coupon.

How many offers can I make?
Knomee members can make 10 offers per listing. A limited number of offers will help protect listings from Knomee members who wish to make multiple and often unreasonable offers.

What happens once I make an offer?
The Knomee member who listed the product, odd job or service coupon will review your offer and either accept or decline it. You will receive notification via email once this happens. If your offer is accepted then Knomee will send you the contact details of the other party.

Does it cost me anything to make an offer?
No. There is no charge for making an offer however; you do have an obligation to make true on your offer if it is successfully accepted.

Accepting or Declining an Offer

An offer has been accepted, how do we make contact with each other?
Once an Offer has been accepted, the offer and contact details will be confirmed to both parties via an email. All Knomee emails are sent to the email address that you registered with.

How do I make/receive payment once an offer has been accepted?
Payment transactions are made between Knomee members outside of the Knomee marketplace. Knomee is not responsible or liable for collecting or distributing payment for any product, job or service sold or bought through the Knomee marketplace.

Trust Me Endorsements

How many times can I trust a Knomee profile?
You can Trust any Knomee member simply by checking the “Trust Me” button on the Knomee members profile. You can also write an endorsement to accompany your trust. You can only trust a Knomee member once. You can remove your trust from a Knomee member and re-add your trust at any time.

What if I receive a testimonial that I do not agree with?
When you receive a Testimonial/Endorsement you have the option to either accept or decline it in your My Knomee Admin area.

Can I remove my Trust from a Knomee member if I become dissatisfied with their service?
You can remove and/or re-add your Trust from a Knomee members profile at any time.

Knomee Rating System

What is the Tri Star Rating System?
The Knomee Gold, Silver and Bronze rating system relates to transactions between Knomee members over the sale and purchase of Odd Jobs, Product and Services. Once a transaction has taken place Knomee members can rate each other’s service by giving a gold, silver, bronze or unhappy rating. Each rating is allocated points that go toward a Knomee members total Knomee rating. The higher your Knomee rating the more credible you become.

What is each rating worth?
Trust Me Endorsement: 3 points

Gold Star: 2 points

Silver Star: 1 point

Bronze Star: 0 point

Unhappy Feedback: 1 demerit point

Unhappy Feedback

What can I use this feature for?
You can choose to give unhappy feedback on another Knomee members profile if you are unhappy with a service or transaction provided over Odd Jobs, Product and Services.

Thank You Note

What is a Thank You Note?
The Thank You note is a feature that shows on every profile and listing page. It provides Knomee members with Knomee members can use to send personalized thank you messages for a job well done. This is a feature that promotes gratitude and positive feedback where it is deemed appropriate by a Knomee member. This can be used at any time.

Tell My Mates

How does Tell My Mates work?
Tell My Mates is a referral feature that appears on every Knomee profile and listing page. This feature allows Knomee members to share Knomee profiles and listings with family, friends and associates by email. This is a supporting feature designed to help further promote your listings. Every profile and listing page will also have a Facebook like button so that anyone can like a profile or listing page to their Facebook wall.

My Favourites

What is My Favourites?
My Favourites is a Knomee support feature that helps Knomee members store favourite listings for future reference. Knomee members can save any odd job, product or service coupon listing to their My Favourites section of their Knomee admin area.

Follow Me

What is Follow Me?
Follow Me is a Knomee support feature that allows Knomee members to store other Knomee profiles in their Knomee admin area. It serves as a directory of profiles for future reference and easy access.

Notify Me

What is Notify Me?
Notify Me is a Knomee support feature that helps Knomee sellers reach interested buyers. It also helps interested buyers to receive regular notifications via email of favourite listings. Knomee members can subscribe to notifications for Odd Jobs, Product and Service Coupons within specific categories and regions.

My Knomee

What is My Knomee?
This is your Knomee profile administration area. Your Knomee profile administration area helps you to manage your profile, listings, messages, credit and all other aspects of your Knomee account.

What can I do in My Knomee?
Manage your account, listings and all other features related to your profile. You can also update personal information like email address through your My Knomee area.

How can I view my account balance and credit my account?
You can view your account balance through your My Knomee area. You can also credit your account through your My Knomee area. Knomee uses a credible 3rd party payment solution called DPS – Direct Payment Solution.

Does Knomee hold or store credit card details?
Knomee does not store any credit card details on behalf of Knomee members. All credit payments are done through a 3rd party application called DPS – Direct Payment Solution.

About Knomee

Is Knomee New Zealand owned?
Knomee was founded in Hamilton New Zealand and is 100% owned and operated by genuine New Zealanders born, raised and educated in New Zealand.

What is Knomee about?
Knomee promotes and encourages trust, assurance, dependability and confidence in people. Knomee is an online marketplace that affords Knomee members with the privilege to buy and sell almost anything online.

Knomee Mission
To provide New Zealand and Australia with a trustworthy, efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective online marketplace where Knomee members can confidently buy and sell product, services and odd jobs.

When will Knomee launch in Australia?

Knomee.com.au will launch sometime in 2013.

I am in Australia but would like to register in NZ?
Knomee.co.nz is built specifically for the NZ community. All product, odd jobs and services offered through a knomee.co.nz user account must be located in NZ. Australian residents can register with Knomee.co.nz by using a New Zealand based city/region however; all listings must be located within New Zealand as per the Terms and Conditions of Knomee.

Thank you for using Knomee - New Zealand's online marketplace for buying and selling any odd job, product or service.