Knomee Framework

Knomee Framework

Welcome to Knomee whanau, friends and New Zealand,

We appreciate your support and use of the Knomee online marketplace and wish to provide you with a trustworthy, user-friendly, quick, enjoyable, unique, affordable and cool platform for buying and selling pretty much anything.

Our mission is to provide you with a trustworthy, efficient, user-friendly, enjoyable, unique, cost-effective and cool online marketplace that helps you confidently buy & sell Odd Jobs, Product and Service Coupons for the purpose of supplementing discretionary income and time.

Here are some of the goals we hope to achieve for your benefit: 

  1. Provide you with a cost effective marketplace; an inexpensive means of reaching more customers.
  2. Provide you with an online resource centre of trustworthy reliable members and service-providers.
  3. Provide an online platform for outsourcing and finding any odd job. We want to help you find more discretionary time and income. We want to make the outsourcing and finding of odd jobs more accessible and more enjoyable.
  4. Provide you with a simple, enjoyable and unique online marketplace for selling and buying any product or service.

Thank you for using Knomee - New Zealand's online marketplace for buying and selling any odd job, product or service.