Safe Trading

Safe Trading

Welcome to Knomee whanau, friends and New Zealand,

We appreciate your support and use of the Knomee marketplace and wish to provide you with a trustworthy, user-friendly, quick, enjoyable, unique, affordable and cool platform for buying and selling pretty much anything.    

We are serious about your safety, the safety of all Knomee members, and we will enlist lawful measures if and as required to protect you and your Knomee online marketplace.

Trust and reliability are two of our core Knomee values.  We have designed the Knomee Trust Me endorsement program to further encourage honest reliable trading within the Knomee online community. Trust Me profile endorsements assist you in making good decisions on who you should or should not engage and trade with.

We encourage all Knomee members to trade honestly and fairly. 

Here are a few trusted and proven safe-trading methods that can help minimise your risk to make online trading more enjoyable and more rewarding:

  • Include clear instructions in listing descriptions and in your terms and conditions to avoid any possible misunderstanding. Clear communication is key!
  • When buying or selling, it helps to meet face to face to see the item and exchange money. 
  • For personal safety always remember to take someone with you when exchanging goods and payment with a stranger. It can be safer to meet in a public place. 
  • If you're offering an Odd Job take reasonable steps to ensure the identity of the person is consistent with the information in their Knomee profile.  It can be helpful to request valid identification e.g. a driver’s license or passport.
  • It is not common practice to send product before receiving payment, payment is normally received before product is passed on to the buyer.
  • Check Knomee member Trust Me endorsements and Tri-Star ratings. The Knomee Trust Me endorsement system provides you with an indication of how trustworthy a Knomee member is. Knomee member Trust Me endorsements can be viewed on any profile.  You can also view the Trust Me endorsements of those members who have endorsed the profile you are viewing
  • Knomee has an automated notification system that shares contact details between parties once an offer has been accepted or a buy now has been made. Use these contact details only to make contact with your buyer or seller
  • Beware of fake, pirated or illegal goods or services and please report any fraudulent selling activity to Knomee by emailing Knomee does not allow or tolerate the trading of fraudulent goods and has a legal obligation to report such activity to local authorities.
  • Knomee does not send emails requesting you to join any payment scheme. If you receive an email supposedly from Knomee requesting some form of monetary transfer to a bank account, please notify the Knomee safe-trading team immediately by emailing 
  • Knomee does not provide online Live Chat Support. If you receive any emails containing Live Chat links please notify the Knomee safe-trading team by emailing
  • It is wise to keep a record of all email communications regarding your transactions. This will improve our ability to resolve any matters quickly and accurately

Please use initiative and common sense when trading. If there is any activity that seems wrong, makes you uncomfortable or appears ‘dodgy’ please email our safe-trading team at 

Thank you for using Knomee - New Zealand's online marketplace for buying and selling any odd job, product or service.