The Knomee Story

The Knomee Story

Welcome to Knomee whanau, friends and New Zealand!

It started with a dream, it continued with countless hours of thought, hundreds of hours of research, planning and design, thousands of emails, countless meetings, obstacles - some big and many small, frustration and discouragement on occasion (understatement of the year), a little stress now and then - just a little, some sleepless nights - just a few, ideas continued to evolve, plans often changed, more $$ always needed, 100+ hours in project scoping, hundreds of hours in development, "some" feature creeping, more changes, more development, beta testing, more design, content and functional changes, more development, outstanding support from a few (you know who you are), launch delays and finally (emphasis on finally with a huge pause for effect) here it is...

Knomee - New Zealand’s online marketplace for buying and selling any odd job, product or service. It hasn’t been easy but without a shadow of doubt; it has been rewarding and it has been worth it.

Thoughts around building a new online marketplace for family, friends and the NZ community started in October 2010 when Knomee founder and CEO felt the need to provide small home-based businesses with a cost-effective means of reaching more customers. “I began planning and scoping the unnamed project that I hoped and dreamed would help fellow Kiwis in one small way or another. The vision was to provide Kiwi’s with a trustworthy, efficient, user-friendly, enjoyable, unique and cost-effective online marketplace, a community based marketplace where whanau, friends and fellow Kiwis can buy and sell anything; a means of supplementing discretionary income and time for everyone.

Here are some of the goals we initially hoped to achieve:

  1. Provide small businesses, especially home-based businesses, with an affordable means of reaching more customers
  2. Provide ambitious young people with a means of finding extra work (odd jobs) that can be done for a little extra income. These days we all seem to be very very busy. Many of us don’t have the time to do all of the odd jobs around the house and would rather spend that precious time with family and friends. Knomee provides busy people with a means of outsourcing odd jobs to reliable hard workers who need a little extra $$. Our goal is to bridge the gap between ‘people with no time and plenty of money’ and ‘people with no money and plenty of time
  3. Provide a trustworthy, efficient, user-friendly, enjoyable, unique, cost-effective and cool marketplace for buying and selling anything; a focus on 6 key attributes that we believe would be fundamental to the success of Knomee
  4. These days it’s hard to know who we can and cannot trust so we wanted to establish an endorsement program to provide all Knomee members with an idea of who can (or cannot) confidently be trusted. Now you can “get to know me @”
  5. We also wanted a marketplace that was very different and unique to other online trading platforms on the world stage. Therefore, we have developed a number of unique features that define the Knomee business model

This is the beginning.  We will now beat every street, knock on every door and sound in every ear until Knomee becomes a recognised trustworthy and friendly brand and solution for all whanau, friends and our beautiful people of New Zealand.

Knomee Mission Statement

Provide New Zealand with a trustworthy, efficient, user-friendly, enjoyable, unique, affordable and cool online marketplace that helps Knomee members confidently buy and sell odd jobs, product and service coupons for the purpose of supplementing discretionary income and time.

7 Key Knomee Attributes


Knomee encourages trust between individuals and business. The Knomee endorsement program shows all Knomee members who can (or cannot) be trusted before trading. Your personal Knomee profile can also be used as an online resume when applying for fulltime employment. Your unique Knomee username can be used as a reference for job applications or on a business card for customer reference. Knomee encourages all members to trade in a manner that builds trust and confidence in others.


Knomee will always be quick! We will always provide quick outstanding customer service and will always be a quick responsive online marketplace.


Knomee aims to always provide an easy to navigate, easy to follow, user-friendly online marketplace. We appreciate any feedback on how we can make Knomee easier to use. Feedback can be submitted through our Contact Us page


Odd jobs, coupons, the thank you note, online trading, the Knomee endorsement program and other small features have been designed to make online trading a pleasurable and more enjoyable experience. Please provide us with feedback and ideas that might make the Knomee experience more enjoyable.


We have always wanted Knomee to be cheap for all to use. Our strategy here is simple: Knomee pricing will always be affordable and fair.


We just want whanau, friends and our awesome people of NZ to think Knomee is cool, to simply love the Knomee experience.


We wanted Knomee to have as many unique features as possible. We didn’t just want one single point of difference; we wanted as many unique differences as possible. ‘From the outset I have wanted Knomee to be unique in many ways, to design unique features that help make online trading more trustworthy, friendly, enjoyable, easy, rewarding and successful. I have always felt strong and proud about differentiating Knomee from other online trading platforms’ – Knomee CEO.

Some of Knomee’s unique core features include:

  • Knomee odd jobs
  • Knomee coupons
  • The Knomee endorsement system and the ability to determine who can or cannot be trusted prior to trading
  • The Knomee “Make an Offer” bartering model
  • The Knomee “My Profile” feature, and
  • The Knomee feel good “Thank You” note

We hope you enjoy the Knomee online trading experience : )

Thank you for using Knomee – New Zealand’s online marketplace for buying and selling any odd job, product or service.