Trust Me Endorsements

Trust Me Endorsements

Welcome to Knomee whanau, friends and New Zealand,

We appreciate your support and use of the Knomee online marketplace and wish to provide you with a trustworthy, user-friendly, quick, enjoyable, unique, affordable and cool platform for buying and selling pretty much anything. To help support our vision to achieve and maintain a trustworthy online marketplace we have designed the Knomee Trust Me endorsement system.

Most people (if not all) want to use people and services they can trust and rely on. The Knomee Trust Me endorsement system gives you an indication of how trustworthy and reliable other Knomee members are. The Knomee Trust Me endorsement is an indication of one’s credibility.

Knomee members can trust other Knomee members only once and can accompany this trust with a brief written testimonial (200 characters) for other members to read.  This is done by clicking on the "Say you Trust Me" link in the accomplishments box on a Knomee members profile page. You can remove your trust from another Knomee member whenever you want for whatever reason you decide - maybe that Knomee member has let you down in one way or another.  You can re-add your trust toward another Knomee member at any time and you can also edit your testimonial whenever you want and for whatever reason you want.

Trust Me endorsements can be given to any Knomee member from another Knomee member at any time and for any reason BUT a Trust Me endorsement can only be given to a single Knomee member once. Your trust toward a Knomee member can be removed, re-added or changed at any time.  

A Trust Me endorsement does not relate specifically to a transaction, it relates to an individuals integrity and credibility.

Written endorsements / testimonials will only appear on your profile when the “show on profile” button has been checked in your personal Knomee member’s admin area.  Visit "My Endorsements" in your personal Knomee admin area to show your written testimonials on your profile.

Thank you for using Knomee - New Zealand's online marketplace for buying and selling any odd job, product or service.